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Indian Mythology has always intrigued me. The stories about the Gods and the Goddesses that I used to Hear in my childhood appeared to me nothing more than fantasies. Much later in life when I realised its depth it became a source of inspiration for my paintings. ‘Dashavatar’ is my second solo show after ‘Navdurga’.

Through ‘Dashavatar’ I have tried to depict the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu who represents the ‘Supreme Reality’. He is the only God who is reborn as an Avatar (incarnation) whenever Dharma (righteousness) is disturbed, to cleanse the evil forces and preserve the Universe. He is symbolized with shankha (conch), chakra (wheel), kamal (lotus) and gada (maca). So far there have been nine such Avatars and the tenth is yet to come. According to me, ‘Dashavatar’ also represents the evolution of mankind physical as well as intellectual from ‘The Fish’ (matsya) stage to ‘The Man’ (purush) stage.

I would like to thank Anjolie Ela Menon for her detailed inputs and encouragement through the process of creating ‘Dashavatar’.

I dedicate this show to my mentor and guru, S. H. Raza. He has been guiding force that influenced my artistic journey.